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Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010



A.    Background of the Study

 In this globalization era, they can communicate with many people from others countries; they can use English to cover the limitation of vocabulary in Indonesian. Actually, Indonesian people have learned some English words subconsciously. There are some words that sound weird and less appropriate if it is translated in Indonesian but they are familiar with the words such as: bank, chocolate, computer, hamburger, hotel, piano, restaurant, taxi, telephone, television, university and so on (Harmer, 2001:1). Indonesian has adopted many of those words because they do not originally come from Indonesian. So, if we have mastered English well, we will be accustomed to those words and we can apply them appropriately.
In the Senior High School, students learn English as the second language. Students are expected to be successful in their learning English through mastering both language skills and language components. Language skills are listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Language components contain vocabulary, structure and pronunciation. Students should be able to apply those skills and components in their habitual activities and in their social environment.
Vocabulary as one of the language components is an important element in language besides the other components. As Manzo and Sherk (1971: 72, 78) stated that “vocabulary is central of formation, acculturation, articulation apparently all learning. “We cannot write anything in English without knowing English vocabulary consists of how to pronounce and how to spell them and it will help the students in learning their language, such as structure, reading dialogue, and writing. Therefore it is important for teachers to learn some methods and techniques of improving students’ vocabulary so that they can learn as effectively as possible.
One way to develop vocabulary is reading. Alexander (1988: 138) says that one of the most effective ways to develop vocabulary is to read widely in varied, suitable, and interesting material. Therefore as a teacher, they should motivate and guide the students in mastering and learning vocabulary through reading. The reading materials can be articles, advertisements, folktales, myths, fables, fairytales, legends, hero tales or short stories and some song lyrics that we can find easily in newspaper, magazines, internet sites, and cassettes.
The students still less to master about vocabulary in this school. So, the writer chooses this school to be sample for the research. Furthermore, they have poor vocabulary. This is reasons why the writer conducted a research on the eleventh grade students of SMA Muhammadiyah Suradadi Tegal in the academic year 2009/2010 to the effectiveness of reading article in magazine.

B.     Reason for Choosing the Topic

Vocabulary is one of important things in language learning. Vocabulary should be taught to students, but improving vocabulary is not easy for the teachers. Teacher should be able to create or choose a technique or use a media, which is good for the students.
In this thesis, he writer has chosen the topic “The Effectiveness of reading article in magazine in developing student's vocabulary mastery” for the following reasons:
  1. Learning a language cannot be separated from learning vocabulary, which constitutes the knowledge of meaning. Vocabulary is a possible material that should be taught to students because it is essential element language learning.
  2. There are some media of teaching available now, from the simplest one to the sophisticated one. Some of them are magazine article that interested the students to read.
  3. Vocabulary items are essential to improve the student's language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).

C.    Statement of the Problem

In this thesis, the writer limits the discussion by stating the following problem: “Is the article in magazine effective to develop the student’s vocabulary mastery”.

D.    Contribution of the Study

The result of the study is expected to be able to give a useful contribution to English teaching, especially for:
1.         English Teachers of Senior High School
The result of the study can be used by teachers, which the best technique in teaching vocabulary is better. Hopefully, the teachers can apply it in their teachings. And finally they can achieve the objectives of teaching vocabulary as effectively as possible.
2.      Senior High School
Students have to develop their vocabulary by doing much practice. Hopefully, by reading magazine article and storybook, they can improve their English vocabulary especially synonym and antonym.
3.      The candidates of English teachers
The candidates, hopefully, could know in more detailed way how to teach vocabulary for senior high school students. And finally, they can apply it in teaching.

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